I f   you   wish   to   cancel   or   reschedule,   your   request   must be   received   by   5   p.m.   PT   two   days   prior   to   the   day   of your    scheduled    sky    tour        (e.g.    cancellation    of    a Saturday   sky   tour   must   be   received   by   5   p.m.   PT   on Thursday).        Cancellation    and    rescheduling    requests received   after   that   date   &   time   cannot   be   refunded. Sorry. A   weather   cancellation   is   at   the   sole   discretion   of   your astronomer.         This   rarely   occurs,   but   if   it   does   he   will make     every     effort     to     contact     you     as     early     as possible—sometimes    conditions    cannot    be        known until   the   very   last   minute—and   you'll   then   be   able   to choose either to reschedule or to receive a full refund.
All major credit/debit cards are accepted All prices are in U.S. Dollars (USD).  Convert USD to international currency.
Private or Group Programs:  $499 for 1-15 guests                                ($30 for each person over 15 guests;                                 Please contact Dennis directly about this.)
Adult :       $59 per adult                                 (You can select the number later) Child :                  $39 per child  (ages 9-12)                                 (You can select the number later;                                  children under 9 are not admitted)
Please     pay     only     after     you’ve     confirmed     with     Dennis     the availability   of   your   selected   date    (date   will   not   appear   on   this payment   form),   and   have   read   and   understood   the   cancellation policy on the right. 
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IMPORTANT Please read this cancellation and rescheduling policy before paying
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