For more than four decades, Dennis Mammana has delivered the wonder and mystery of the cosmos to audiences around the world. With   degrees   in   physics   and   astronomy   from   Otterbein   College   and   Vanderbilt   University,   Mammana   has   held   planetarium   positions   at the   Strasenburgh   Planetarium,   the   Smithsonian   Institution's   National   Air   &   Space   Museum,   the   University   of Arizona,   and   San   Diego's   Reuben   H.   Fleet   Science   Center.   His   original   planetarium   shows   have   been   enjoyed from   New   York   to   Calcutta   to   Brisbane   and,   in   their   production,   he   has   worked   with   such   luminaries   as   actors Burgess    Meredith    and    Patrick    Stewart,    and    science    fiction    icon   Arthur    C.    Clarke.    He    now    works    as    an astronomy   writer,   lecturer   and   photographer   from   under   the   clear,   dark   skies   of   Southern   California's   Anza- Borrego Desert. Mammana      is   the   author   of   six   books   on   popular   astronomy,   hundreds   of   popular   magazine   and   encyclopedia articles   and,   since   1992,   has   written   Stargazers ―the   only   syndicated   newspaper column about astronomy.  August 2017 marked the 25th anniversary of this weekly column. As   a   noted   and   accomplished   night   sky   photographer,   his   stunning   celestial   imagery   has   earned   him   a coveted   invited   membership   in   TWAN    (The   World   at   Night).   He   is   one   of   only   six   representing   the   U.S.   in   this elite   international   team   of   the   most   highly-acclaimed   and   experienced   night   sky   photographers   on   the planet. April 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of his first published photo. Since   the   mid-1980s,   Mammana   has   led   many   public   comet-,   meteor   shower-,   aurora-   and   eclipse-observing expeditions   on   six   continents   and,   since   1994,   has   been   a   popular   astronomical   and   photographic   lecturer on tours led by MWT Associates . A   dynamic   public   speaker,   Mammana   has   entertained,   inspired   and   informed   audiences   at   resorts,   on   cruise   ships   and   as   an   after-dinner speaker, and has become a frequently invited guest on both radio and television. In   addition   to   having   hosted   a   weekly   astronomy   news   segment   on   San   Diego's   KUSI-TV,   and   co-hosting   "Quarks   to   Quasars"   on   UCSD- TV   as   well   as   the   Emmy   Award-winning   documentary   "San   Diego   Night   Sky"   with   KPBS-TV,   he   has   received   the   Robert   Burnham   Jr., Award   for   Exceptional   Service   in Astronomy   from   the Astronomical   League,   and   the   Special Achievement Award   from   Otterbein   College. And   in   2009   his   astronomical   contributions   to   the   community   of   Borrego   Springs   (the   only   International   Dark   Sky   Community   of California) were honored as he was named the Grand Marshal of the 44th Annual Borrego Days Desert Festival. To   learn   more   about   him   and   his   work―and   to   see   his   public   lecture   &   tour   schedule―please   visit   his   website ,   "Like"   and   follow   him   on Facebook and on Twitter , and subscribe to his free e-newsletter StarTrails  so you don't miss any of his upcoming events! 
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