Sights that boggle the mind are visible each night in the clear dark skies over Southern California’s Anza-Borrego Desert—colorful stars, stellar clusters, planets, star-forming nebulae, Earth-orbiting satellites, distant galaxies and more. Treat yourself or your family to a truly inspiring and personalized tour of the cosmos above Borrego Springs—California's first and only International Dark Sky Community—with the power of a large telescope and one of America's favorite celestial tour guides.  This is one journey you won't soon forget!
Guests peering through a telescope deep into the heavens
Don’t delay. Available spaces are limited and dates can book quickly!
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COVID UPDATE (as of August 16, 2020)
Most of the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is now OPEN day and night. The famous metal sculptures in Galleta Meadows, however , remain CLOSED entirely, and law enforcement is citing vehicles parked in those areas. And San Diego County continues to PROHIBIT public and private “gatherings” everywhere. While most hotels are OPEN, San Diego County has added new restrictions because of a recent increase in COVID cases. Among others, it has now ordered CLOSED all indoor restaurants indefinitely; currently, only outdoor seating and takeout meals are available. Some may be closed entirely. During the brutally hot, muggy desert weather common in late summer it’s not wise to wear our face masks for these two-hour-long programs. The Night Sky Tours will resume in mid-September (weather permitting) when conditions become more pleasant. I assure you that I am both disappointed and frustrated over this extended“lockdown”, but for the health and safety of my guests (and, of course, myself) it’s wise to be cautious. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this uncertain time. One thing is definite, however. The night sky will still be there when this all ends, and I’m excitedly looking forward to sharing with you our magnificent universe in the months ahead!